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Take Me Home

by Luke Abbott

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(Sample reel starts at track #3. Go to lukeabbott.com/tmh to hear tracks #1 and #2 in full.)

1. Sweet Sunny South - guitar (4:57)
2. The Blackest Crow - banjo (4:16)
3. I've Always Been a Rambler - guitar (3:51)
4. Way Down the Old Plank Road - banjo (2:47)
5. Wagoner's Lad - fiddle (3:31)
6. Wind and Rain - guitar (5:52)
7. A Sailor Being Tired - unaccompanied (3:12)
8. Goin' Across the Sea / Angeline - guitar (5:00)
9. Country Blues - banjo (3:46)
10. Willie Moore - fiddle (4:26)
11. Little Sadie - fretless banjo (1:57)
12. Zollie's Retreat / A-Rovin' on a Winter's Night - viola (6:03)
13. Keep That Skillet Good and Greasy - Dobro (2:45)
14. House of the Rising Sun - guitar (6:14)
15. Ramblin' Hobo - fretless banjo (bonus track)

Recorded live, solo, with NO overdubbing (except one track).

Go to lukeabbott.com/tmh to read more on the album.


released 21 June 2010



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Sample reel starts at track #3. Go to http://lukeabbott.com/tmh to hear the tracks #1 and #2 in full.

Go to http://music.lukeabbott.com/releases to download the whole album or get a CD.

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